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Leads Travel is a full-service travel consultant that serves student, business, and tour visa’s. clients who require professional, friendly and efficient organization of their outbound and inbound travel & tourism needs. Leads has become quickly grown to become a leading company in the region and a major player in the international tourism sector. Our company is manned with experienced, knowledgeable, multilingual and highly qualified team based on considerable experience combined with youthful enthusiasm and creative spirit, in-depth knowledge of the products and services we offer and commitment to all aspects of Travel and Tourism Management. To continue offering its customers with a variety of and best possible quality services, our company has and will strive to have excellent cooperation & relationship with several international organizations and suppliers worldwide to meet client needs and expectations. Leads sustainability and practices are directly linked to its employees believe in fundamental corporate values to satisfy customers with innovative technology, superior quality, value and friendly services. 

We, at Leads, believe in working in partnerships with our clients. Each of our clients is equally important to us and we collaborate, to understand their unique needs and working methods. We also have built a great network of universities for students who is looking abroad education pathways. And for hotels, resorts, homestays and offbeat specialty lodgings to provide customized services to our clients. Our team is at your service providing the knowledge, skills and passion to support you and your company.

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We are trusted among students.

We are trusted by students and have been recognized for its exclusive services. We guide prospective Sri Lankan students through the difficulties and obstacles of the visa application process. We provide students with valuable advice based on their requirements, qualifications and budget in a personalized and friendly manner while maintaining the confidentiality of information.  We review student eligibility, required documents, validity and legality of relevant documents, processing time and other related issues to ensure that the visa application process actually went well. We also comply with the legal requirements of the countries in which we operate as well as those of Sri Lanka.  Treating all students equally while building good relationships is the main aspect we focus on. With this in mind, our friendly, qualified, experienced and multilingual staff are always available to reach those in need of our services.

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Our staff your travel advisor loves to solve puzzles no matter how many pieces to get a clear overview. Our passion comes from managing and analyzing all the little details that represent leisure and business travel, from the simplest to the most complex needs.

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